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To give your pet the best possible veterinarian treatment, Seneca Animal Hospital offers the most recent technologies.

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Pet Diagnostic Imaging in Louisville, KY

Seneca Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing the best medical care for your pet. The powerful diagnostic imaging we use is critical to ensuring that we know everything possible about what is going on within your pet. These tools provide non-invasive diagnostic approaches that enable us to discover potential illnesses.

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Pet Radiography

We offer digital radiographing for quicker, full-body imaging and digital dental radiographing. It’s much faster than your traditional chemical processing of x-rays, so your pet spends less time getting tested. Additionally, the results provide crystal-clear photos; it’s great for diagnosing broken bones, heart problems, bladder stones, and other internal health problems.

We also offer digital dental radiographs, an important aspect of a dental procedure. Digital dental radiographs are performed for every dental procedure.

Pet Ultrasound

A FAST ultrasound is a non-invasive, safe, and rapid imaging technique typically used to scan specific organs, look for fluid in the abdomen in the event of illness or trauma, or to monitor hospitalized patients. They can also be considered an extension of a physical exam.

Ultrasound works by sending high-frequency sound waves through your pet’s body. Sound waves bounce off internal organs or tissues, creating echoes picked up and shown as an image on an associated video monitor.

Because images are relayed in real-time, ultrasound is particularly beneficial in the examination process, allowing us to see the structure and movement of interior organs.

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