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For urgent and time-sensitive cases, our top-notch lab equipment can do internal blood chemistries, blood cell counts, and urine tests.

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Pet In-House Laboratory in Louisville, KY

Our in-house laboratory expedites testing and diagnosis for routine wellness visits and urgent care. This saves critical time. To better meet your medical needs for quick responses, our knowledgeable technicians and doctors use our cutting-edge lab resources and equipment.

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Pet In-House Laboratory

At Seneca Animal Hospital, we offer same-day bloodwork results with our top-of-the-line on-site Idexx diagnostic laboratory, making it fast and efficient to run various tests. In many cases, we can have results within minutes. This means we can have a treatment plan before you and your best friend even leave the exam room. The ability to run blood work, urinalysis, and other tests in-house is especially beneficial for critical cases when time is of the essence. If we don’t offer the diagnostic screen in the clinic, we can send it out to the appropriate lab and receive results as soon as possible.

Laboratory testing assists us in analyzing and diagnosing issues with your pet’s general health. This offers crucial sickness hints that help discover internal organ issues. We can provide faster and more reliable results by carrying out these tests ourselves.

If you have any questions or comments about our hospital’s diagnostic testing or imaging, please contact us today.

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