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Payment Options for Veterinary Care

Here at Seneca Animal Hospital, we accept many different payment options, including all major credit cards and cash.
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Pet Insurance

We embrace dogs, cats, and other companion animals as full-fledged family members. Many of us scrutinize pet food labels to pick healthy choices, scour the pet supply store for just the right bed, and delight in treating them to oodles of toys. Yet, as concerned as we are about our pet’s well-being, many of us don’t have the finances to care for them in an emergency or catastrophic event.

That’s where pet insurance comes in. You don’t have to have that awful conversation with your spouse, “Do we pay the mortgage or Fluffy’s surgery?” Many insurance companies have low monthly payments with reasonable deductibles. Some companies can approve claims in a matter of minutes while you’re standing at the front desk of the emergency room with Fluffy waiting in the back.

A Few Benefits of Pet Health Insurance:

  • It empowers pet owners not to choose between their financial stability and their pet’s life.
  • It Relieves pet owners of stress and allows them to focus on the ongoing health of their pet rather than the costs of their care.
  • Some companies pay for life-long medication that is associated with a covered claim.

Check out Pet Insurance Review to compare the different companies, read reviews, and find what fits you best!

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